A trip to Greece with tulsi

A trip to Greece with tulsi

I have to say Greece is one of the most picturesque places I’ve visited in a while and having tulsi along for the journey made it that much better. 

We had the most unforgettable week exploring the Greek islands. We spent our days swimming at the breathtaking beaches, chatting with friendly locals, eating copious amounts of seafood/carbohydrates and taking day trips on our scooters to explore ancient ruins and the vast desert like surroundings. 

Our first stop was Mykonos and although it is known for its party reputation, it has so much more to give than just its party title. I would suggest hiring a scooter - there are so many beautiful beaches to explore on this island and if paying for a day bed on a packed beach isn't your thing, then this is your best option to enjoy these hidden gems without a price tag attached.

Make sure you dine at Nikos Gallop Taverna at least once, the white wine mussels with feta is a clear favourite and lives up to every expectation. Spilia Restaurant is a bit more expensive, but it truly has the most breathtaking view. The food and cocktails are worth every scent and an added bonus is once sunset hits this restaurant turns into a party with the guests and staff kicking off their shoes to dance on the table tops. My final suggestion would be to check out Scorpios, It is the type of place where you can gather to relax by the beach and when the sun sets, go wild with your friends and party until well after midnight.




Paros is located in the heart of the Cyclades, a few hours away from Athens, and accessible by plane or ferry. This island seems to be the quiet achiever and is described as one of Greece’s best kept secrets.

Paros has an untouched, layback allure to it. It's charming whitewashed alleyways, natural beaches, cosmopolitan nightlife, and ancient monuments make it my favourite Greek island.

Kolibithres, on the island’s northern coast, is famous for its unique granite formations, and crystal like waters. Those looking to party on the sands should visit Santa Maria, where the beach bar serves delicious cocktails to go with pink infused sunsets. 

Travellers who would rather explore the island’s history can hike along the Byzantine Road or visit the capital of Parikia to tour the ancient cemetery and the 13th-century Venetian castle.





I must say that if Greece isn't on your bucket list yet, add it on ASAP, I guarantee you will never want to leave. 

Big love, 
Megan W Murray

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