A day with actor Maleeka Gasbarrii

A day with actor Maleeka Gasbarrii

tulsi spent the morning with emerging actor Maleeka Gasbarrii talking all things sustainable and why she chooses to wear ethical labels.


What do you consider the most pressing problems in the world today?
The environment and its climate change. 
No matter what you think the world’s biggest issues are, you are unlikely to think of fashion as either a problem or a solution. Yet ethical, sustainable clothing can actually help address many of these issues in ways you may not expect. Even better, clothing is something that everyone needs and uses, making it an extremely accessible avenue for the average person to affect change.
What is your go-to item of clothing and why?
Skirts, I always find myself purchasing skirts, they are so easy and versatile to wear. I like that you can dress skirts up or down, by simply adding a pair of heels or throwing on your favorite band shirt for a more casual look.


How did you hear about tulsi label?
I first came across tulsi label through a friend, she was wearing one of your beautiful pieces. When I found out it was ethically made I knew I had to check it out.

What does ethical fashion mean to you?
It allows me to reduce my impact on the environment and invest in safer, more sustainable practices.

When did you make the shift to sustainable fashion?
About a year ago, I took my first step into investing in an item of ethical clothing and
I love that by purchasing these clothes I am helping to reduce my environmental footprint.



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